29 Ago | Compasso Solidario


[Benefit event to help our non-profitable cultural association]
Line up:

Afrobeat: Bob Figurante, DJ set 5 pm -6 pm
Os Camelos: Live concert 6 pm -7 pm
Tandava: Live concert 7 pm – 8 pm
Cumbia Ritual: Dj set 8 pm -10 pm

Limited 40 tickets (online sale) | Ticket price 10 euros.
Ticket + Drink + Veggie Snack = 14 euros.


Afrikanism – Diaspora Afrobeat by Bob Figurante:

Afrobeat is an African-origin musical genre resulting from the fusion of soul, jazz, funk with tribal African percussions and vocal styles, among other social, political and contestant rhythms of the time.

Popularized in the 1960s and 70s, a period marked by strong civil rights claims, it emerged in West Africa, specifically in southern Nigeria, and quickly spread to other African countries as these became independent of secular domains of the white man.
From its inception to this day, this music genre has been reinvented and has become progressively more popular not only in Africa but also on all the diaspora worldwide.

Os Camelos:

O projeto nasceu como intervenção poética e musical nas ruas do Rio de Janeiro. A banda apresenta um repertório autoral que sugere uma viagem exótica pelos povos do deserto. No caminho a ancestralidade, o calor, o silêncio e o descobrimento.

Tandava, the dance of gods:

Like some magic Serpent, the sound of the Didgeridoo will call you once again to feel the earth vibration and bring you back to the roots of existence.

The event is an energetic cleaning that will help you improve your mood and strength, by getting free on the dance floor.
We want the participants to feel nice and happy by relaxing in Compasso’s garden while having an amazing sound experience with the Didgeridoo and Drums music.

TANDAVA is a divine dance performed by the Hindu gods.
We believe God is in everyone and we all are Gods.

This dance will be pumped by the musical breathing of Tiago Francisquinho aka Cano Guru on the Didge, Martin Pridal on Guitars, Ricardo Passo multi-instruments and by the blood pulse of Prashant Paradkar on drums and percussion

Cumbia Ritual DJ Set & Fire Offerings


Tickets are available online until 5 pm, on the 29th August

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